Scrumptious Dining Overlooking Puteri Harbour at Fraser Place

Scrumptious Dining Overlooking Puteri Harbour at Fraser Place
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Cooped up in the house all day long during this Conditional Movement Control Order, you and family are looking for a safe place to enjoy fresh air, scrumptious meals and serene view. Fraser Place Puteri Harbour has exactly what you are looking for. Dine with your family, overlooking Puteri Harbour through the glass walls of Swatches restaurant in this Absolute Hi Tea, only at Fraser Place Puteri Harbour.


Selection of desserts at Absolute Hi Tea Fraser Place Puteri Harbour

Menu selections ranging from Malay dishes, Chinese cuisines, kebab from Middle East, seafood and grilled meats, and desserts, will surely satisfy the whole family if you all have different taste in food. You can start off your lunch cum tea time with Roti Jala with Chicken Curry, Dimsum or Chicken Kebab. When it is time for the main menu, check out their raw selections of meat, chicken, lamb and seafood including lobster, prawns, fish and squid. They will grill or cook them and serve the meals hot for you. You also can enjoy tomyam fried rice with stir fry mushroom, fish, chicken and squid sambal. The ee fuu noodles, which looks the usual plain brown color, might surprise you with its taste and texture.

If you are a durian lover, ask for durian tempura and you will be served with freshly fried ones. You will be surprised that the texture of durian is nicely intact inside the tempura coating, not melting like the usual durian tempura you have found. So you can enjoy your durian tempura without worrying about messing your clothes or your kids’.

Just like all the freshly-cooked meals, the waitress will serve the durian tempura to your table, unlike the usual fully self-service buffet. This is to ensure physical distancing and zero contact between diners. You go to the buffet line, select your meals, they will scoop it for you and you can bring your plate back to your table, or for the raw menus, you go back to your table and wait for it to be served. This is also ensuring that they will be no crowd near the buffet spread. Make sure you wear your mask all the time except when you are eating at your table. Hand sanitizers are provided all around the hotel area. Thus, rest assured, Fraser Place Puteri Harbour is committed to serve you safely.

When you are done with the main menus, head on to the dessert island to find more snacks and bites, cakes, puddings and breads. Try the smoked salmon and smoked sausages. If cakes are your cup of tea, be sure to enjoy the Blueberry Cheesecake, Mango Cake and Red Velvet Cheesecake.

You can enjoy all these at RM108 nett for 2 pax. It is available on Saturdays and Sundays. To add a steamboat set on top of your buffet, you just need to add RM20 per set. Contact to book your table. Check out Fraser Place Puteri Harbour on Facebook and Instagram @FraserPlacePuteriHarbour for more information and updates.


Steamboat add-on Absolute Hi Tea Fraser Place Johor Bahru